Stamp duty on current account, deposit account and personal loans

Personal loans 

Personal loans 

Stamp duty on current accounts, deposit accounts and personal loans is an expense that anyone who opens or subscribes to one of these banking products must be prepared to face. This tax is in fact widespread and is generally paid at the time of the request, production or presentation of a certain documentation. The stamp duty can be paid, for example, at the time of signing a mortgage for the purchase of a new home. This tax tax can be fixed (a certain amount must be paid regardless of the documentation requested) or variable (in this case, it is expressed by a percentage of a certain expense incurred).

The stamp duty on the current account is fixed and its payment is requested to those who hold a current account, including postal current accounts and checkbook accounts. The cost of the stamp for these products is € 34.20, if the account holder is a natural person. Payment can be made by debit on a quarterly basis with 3 installments of 8.55 euros each, or every month, with payments of 2.85 euros. Current accounts with an average stock of less than 5,000 euros (“no tax area”) are exempt from stamp duty. If, on the other hand, the account is in the name of a natural person (a company or an association, for example), the stamp duty costs 100 euros a year.

The operation of the stamp duty on deposit account, on the other hand, is different: the stamp duty for natural persons is not fixed, but is equal to 2 per thousand of the sum invested in this financial instrument. It is therefore variable and rises to the growth of the sum on the account. For legal entities, on the other hand, there is a maximum limit of 14,000 euros.

Finally, the stamp duty on personal loans constitutes one of the fiscal charges counted by the APR, the interest rate which also calculates the accessory costs of a loan. As regards personal loans up to 18 months, the stamp duty costs € 14.62, whose payment is made through the first repayment installment of the loan. To this expense, an additional stamp duty of 1.81 euros must be added linked to the production of the banking documentation necessary to the opening of the loan. The payment of this small sum takes place together with the costs of opening the case.